Service & Quality

Service is of paramount importance at HT Glass BV, which is reflected in various ways


Our logistics system is optimized in such a way, that we can deliver a competitive finished product to our customers.


Speed is what we are good at. Years of experience in the international glass business, combined with a huge network of high quality suppliers offer the opportunity to provide the service and speed that is expected of us.


HT Glass BV is known for its reliability and has proven it over the years by supplying quality products and service at competitive prices.

Personal advice

From the first contact up to and including the after sales, every customer is provided with the necessary information he needs. The personal touch makes the difference. Each project is in itself and custom made. The wishes are discussed with the customer and implemented to everyone’s satisfaction.

Glass can be used for various purposes: thermal insulation, fire resistance, burglary and sound proof, and safety. For every function there is a quality mark that guarantees a constant quality. Each kind of glass is tested and certified. HT Glass BV uses the standards of the country to which it supplies. The standards are available on request.