The Luc Beirinckx Project

Where the Diffulite+ on the Den Berk greenhouses mainly consists of AR glass, and with 12% haze to a lesser extent diffuse glass, HT Glass BV now also has Diffulite+ glass with haze factors of 30 or 50%. According to the experiences of Koen and Luc, better results will be feasible under this type of glass, both on a productive level and even more qualitatively. The greater amount of energy due to the AR coating will be scattered over the crop with a higher haze factor, resulting in a less extreme climate on hot summer days.

In the meantime, Luc Beirinckx started his own business at home by partially replacing and expanding his greenhouse. There will be 4.2 hectares of new greenhouse with lighting. Because of the lighting and the experience with Diffulite+ at the Den Berk project, Luc chose to apply Diffulite+ with 30% haze. Several light measurements were carried out. The light transmissions obtained extended the expected perpendicular light transmission of 96% and hemispheric light transmittance of 88%.